We need you

Every Faceoff Event has a host of people working in the shadows to ensure the event runs smoothly and to bring you the best possible viewing experience and were always looking to recruit new team members to bring fresh ideas and enthusiasm to the table. 

There are a lot of opportunities for you to get involved. Below is some information and links to application forms for each of the roles that we have available right now. 

Tournament / Battle Moderators

Moderators are the front line members of the Faceoff Team. They are a group of responsible,
hard working individuals that keep the trains running on time and ensure that the rules
are followed and scores are counted correctly. They help those that need it and keep the trains running
on time.

A great moderator is:
- Reliable
- Un-biased
- Organised
- Well spoken

Social Media / Blogging / Marketing

Our marketing team are in charge of publicising the Faceoff brand. From blog posts to tweets - they
make sure that everyone knows what's happening and when and builds awareness
of future tournaments, upcoming events and happenings within the business

A great marketing should have:
- Excellent knowledge of social media
- An understanding of Word Press for blogging
- Well spoken with fluent English (more languages to be added soon)
- Creative skills and ideas on how to better the brand

Video Editior

From snippets to highlights. There are tons of videos that could be produced to showcase
excellence within the Faceoff brand but we simply don't have enough resources to create them all.
The video team are looking for skilled individuals that are self driven and can work to a deadline using
their own video editing software.

Video editors need:
- Video editing software such as premier pro or after effects etc
- Examples of previous video editing work
- A creative mind that strives for perfection

Graphic Designer

Our Graphic design team overlays slightly with marketing and video editing. But everything we make
requires graphics! From the stream itself and its overlays to leaflets, tweets and blog posts. Everything
needs graphics. We are looking for a few dedicated people that keep everything look fresh and unique

Graphic Designers need:
- Software...such as illustrator or something similar
- Proof that they know how to use it
- The ability to follow brand guidelines
- The ability to work to a deadline

Discord Moderator

Our discord is a great place that on any given day has a flurry of activity. We need people
that can manage and moderate it. Assigning roles for players, coaches and members of the staff
team. Bringing new and exciting ideas to the channel to keep people engaged and answering
any questions from members that want to ask a question.

Our discord moderators need:
- Extensive knowledge of discord and its permissions / qwerks
- Great people skills
- Brilliant English
- Must be reliable and fair

Web Developer

This website was a big labour of love for me (Shifty) having never touched WordPress before I
undertook the challenge! I'm really happy with how it's turned out but there are tons of things that I would like to improve on and don't have the skills to do it.

Applicants should have:
- Knowledge of WordPress and how to develop wordpress websites
- Creative thinking
- Reliable
- Organised
- Enthusiasm
- The ability to communicate well with others

Guest Presenter

We are always looking for guest presenters to help cast Faceoff tournaments but we don't accept just anybody. Here are a few requirements that you must meet to be considered for the role.

To co-present you must:
- Have at least 1 years Tarkov experience, the more knowledge the better
- Be a twitch streamer with over 1000 followers
- Have a decent microphone that delivers clear audio
- Be available to test the system at least 1 week prior to the event