Player 1 Form

Player Details Form

Thank you for choosing to compete in a Faceoff Tournament. You are seeing this form because you have been accepted to compete in one of our upcoming events.

We try to give our competitors as much publicity and exposure as possible and as such we would like you to complete this form with as much information as you can provide to create a personalised “ad” for you on our website.

This is the name people know you by. For example: Shifty
Tell our audience a bit about you, this is your chance to sell yourself and let our viewers know a bit about you as a player, gamer or twitch streamer
Please copy and paste the link to your twitch channel from the website URL - For example
We want an image of you or your twitch logo to use on our website as a placeholder for your channel. If you could host the image on a website such as and copy and paste the link of your image here. Alternatievely, if you do not want to do this and have a twitch logo, go to your channel, right click the logo image and select "Copy Image Link" and paste that URL here for us to use.
This could be a weapon balance, map change or a bug fix. What one thing do you think could be fixed, changed or introduced to improve the game?